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Counseling Services

Contacts for
Counseling Services:

Lower School:
Aislinn Mayes

Middle School:
Tiffany Coscia

Upper School:
Malinda Sadowski

Additional Community Resources
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Pine Lake is proud to offer counseling services to our students and families. Our counselors help all students in the areas of academic achievement, personal/social development and career development, ensuring that they develop into productive, well-adjusted young adults. Learn more about the school counselor's role.

The Lower School Counseling Program focuses on well-being of both students and their families. All are invited to visit the counseling office to discuss any concerns. Concerns may range from personal, family, educational, or crisis issues.

The Middle School Counseling program focuses on the academic,social & emotional, and career exploration needs of students. Tiffany Coscia visits classroom as needed for guidance lessons. Primarily, Ms. Coscia sees students individually and in groups as issues arise. Some issues that she deals with are friendships, bullying,grades, and home life.

The staff is dedicated to student achievement and development. The Counseling Department provides academic and personal counseling services to both students and parents alike. All are invited to visit the counseling staff to discuss any concerns. Concerns may range from personal, family, educational, or crisis issues.

Mission Statement

The mission of the PLP school counseling program, K-12, is to facilitate a nurturing and engaging educational environment by providing all students with a comprehensive school counseling program and by advocating for equity, access and the academic success of every PLP student. Through collaboration with academic partners, parents and community members, the school counselors prepare all students to become well-adjusted, productive leaders and successful lifelong learners.

Vision Statement

We envision the school community at PLP being fully engaged in the comprehensive school counseling program, which is implementing the ASCA National Model to the highest level. The program is resourced and staffed to support the needs of the school population. Students are resilient, adaptable and able to effectively problem-solve when faced with challenges. They are successful, self-directed learners and leaders who are preparing for advanced post secondary education.

Belief Statements

We, the Professional School Counselors of Pine Lake Preparatory, believe:

  1. That all students at PLP have the ability to achieve
  2. Every student at PLP must have access to a comprehensive school counseling program which is planned, delivered and managed by full-time, state certified, masters degree-level school counselors
  3. The counseling program must be evaluated annually by the two counselors and Heads of School through reviewing counseling department results reports and end-of- the-year surveys to staff and students
  4. We must deliver holistic, comprehensive services that address student developmental needs and focus on primary prevention and intervention
  5. Our school counseling program must be evidence-based and data-driven, so we are better equipped to promote programmatic and systemic change
  6. That in order to serve as effective advocates for our students, we must consider all students' ethnic, cultural, racial, gender, socioeconomic, sexual differences and special needs when planning and implementing the school counseling program
  7. In ensuring access and equity in our school by providing extra support to those students who need "more" through intentional closing-the-gap activities
  8. That the professional school counselors must regularly participate in professional development activities essential to maintaining a quality school counseling program
  9. In utilizing community resources so that we can better serve our students and foster a stronger school-community relationship
  10. That aligning our school counseling program with the ASCA National Model (Ref 1) and ASCA National Standards for Students (Ref 2) will help us to better serve and advocate for our students
  11. That to promote an effective school counseling program, we must demonstrate the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes as outlined in the ASCA School Counselor Competencies (Ref 3)
  12. That we must, at all times, abide by the principles of ethical behavior as outlined in the ASCA Ethical Standards for School Counselors (Ref 4)

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