Academics at Pine Lake Preparatory

Educational Theory and Foundation

At Pine Lake Preparatory, we take special pride in our unique way of teaching and learning. Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences, explicit Arts Instruction and Spanish language proficiency. Our Upper School is differentiated by integrating Core Knowledge which rests on research completed by E. D. Hirsch's theory of Multiple Intelligences. This research recognizes eight different intelligences that contribute to overall human intelligence and thus eight different paths to teach children and for children to learn.Gardner demonstrates that schools have traditionally focused on the logical and articulate modes of learning, mathematical and linguistic,and thus essentially left behind all students whose greatest learning capacity falls under one or more of the six remaining intelligences. At Pine Lake Preparatory, Academic Partners will be trained to identify student learning capacities and the various applied methodologies that can meet diverse learning needs in the classroom.

The Arts

The school's focus on Arts Instruction rests on the Theory of Multiple Intelligences as well as classical education theories which maintain that Fine Arts are central to academic growth. Arts education accesses the recesses of every one of the multiple intelligences and provides a needed medium for students to be adept in spatial, musical and kinesthetic intelligences. Middle and Upper School students are required to take fine arts courses throughout their academic career.

Language Program

Pine Lake Preparatory aspires to the principles of a Proficiency Spanish Language Program. Beginning in Kindergarten,students will receive instruction in Spanish through a continuous,sequential, cumulative and standards-based language program. With a goal of proficient fluency. Spanish programming will intensify in Middle and Upper School. All 6th - 12th Grade students will take year long courses in Spanish. Upper School students will receive four years of Spanish instruction.

Learning Readiness

Hirsch demonstrates that with an ever-increasing body of knowledge across all subjects and debate over curriculum and standards,schools must implement a common curriculum of core knowledge that students share to be culturally and community literate. Pine Lake Preparatory aspires to this theory, believing that the Core Knowledge curriculum, aligned with the NC Standard Course of Study, provides students a foundational knowledge base.

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